Prefabricated modular boiler rooms


Prefabricated modular boiler rooms are intended for heating of residential, public and industrial facilities. The fuel used in the boiler is natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (propane – butane), liquid (diesel) fuel. Prefabricated boiler rooms are small-sized and do not occupy large areas. These boiler rooms are built based on the technical specifications of the customers and our project and do not require the state examination.
All the parts of these boiler rooms are manufactured at our plant. So, we are able to supply them in full operational readiness and reduce the time and cost of installation.
Prefabricated modular boiler rooms are equipped with automatic control and security system, which allows to operate the boiler rooms in automatic mode without attendance of operators.
In the heating circuit temperature is controlled depending on the outdoor temperature by means of weather-compensated control system, which provides significant fuel savings and comfort indoor temperature. Water temperature in the hot water supply circuit is maintained constant (55-60°C).
The boiler rooms are built from modern building and finishing materials. Exterior finish is made of colored laminate “sandwich” panels of galvanized steel.

Prefabricated modular boiler rooms consist of:

  • Modular building, consisting of a transportable unit modules
  • Boilers with burners
  • Internal gas and / or oil-fired equipment
  • Unit of the internal circuit water network
  • DHW unit
  • Unit of water network pumps (possible options for multiple independent circuits))
  • Unit of hot water pumps
  • Unit of chemical treatment of raw water to feed and maintain the static pressure in the heating network
  • Boiler accessories
  • Shield Power
  • Control panel of boiler (can be combined with the shield power)
  • Electrics
  • Heating and ventilation systems
  • Fire alarm system
  • Methane gas and CO alarm system
  • Meters for heat energy production, consumption of tap water, consumption of up water, fuel and electricity consumption
  • Instrument panel for remote control of boilers
  • Chimneys